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    We need your help!
    More than half the water used between May and October is used for landscape irrigation. Based on community water use figures, 40% to 50% of that landscape irrigation water is wasted! This is often due to poor irrigation system design, poor maintenance, poor management and the fact that past irrigation system design was seldom focused on water conservation.
    With the irrigation season rapidly approaching, we would like to ask for your help in conserving our valuable water resources, especially during the severe drought we’re experiencing. Wait to activate your sprinkler system as late into the season as possible depending on the weather.
    April is the perfect time to turn on your automatic sprinkler system and run each zone through a test cycle. Check for leaks or damaged and misaligned sprinkler heads. If you see runoff, reposition or replace the sprinkler heads to water only the grass. But please do not set your system to cycle automatically until at least mid May.
    Research has shown that postponing irrigation system start up encourages grass roots to seek water and grow deeper. When hot, dry summer days arrive, the deeper root system means the grass can go longer between waterings. Regular irrigation that begins too early in the season can result in the death of deep turf roots, making lawns less drought and wear tolerant.
    Please see the guidelines below to help you in avoiding watering waste.