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  2. Created in 2002, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education (CFWE) is Colorado's only statewide non-profit, non-advocacy organization providing water resource information and education. The Foundation's mission is to help all Coloradans speak fluent water by providing balanced and accurate information and education. Its website contains a number of articles, links, and educational materials for teachers and students related to Colorado water resources. The Foundation also publishes a quarterly magazine entitled Headwaters and an online Blog entitled “Your Water Colorado Blog” that District customers can subscribe to that is updated frequently.


    The CFWE is always hard at work, translating complex water issues into topics that Coloradans can easily understand. CFWE's programming continues to increase awareness that water is a scarce and valuable resource, and facilitate interactive dialogue through its high-quality water education programs. Their vision is that Coloradans, through an improved understanding of water's complexities and trade-offs, will make more informed water resource decisions.


    The District encourages you to visit the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s website and learn about Colorado’s most precious resource - water!