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  2. Denver Water’s 2016 Water Quality Report in now available to view on Denver Water’s website.  In the past, Denver Water directly mailed these reports to Bow Mar customers.  Hard copy reports will only be made available to District customers upon request.


    The Water Quality Report contains a wealth of information about not only the quality of your water but, also, about where your water comes from and how it is treated before it is delivered to your home or business.


    Providing high quality water to our customers at adequate, consistent pressure is a team effort.  Denver Water acquires the water resource, treats it to a level that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards and supplies it to Bow Mar.  Our duty is to preserve and protect the excellent quality of the water as it moves through District owned pipes and pumping stations to your tap.  We are very proud of the part we play in Denver Water being able to assert that, “We’ve never been cited for violating a health standard.”


    To obtain a hard copy of the 2016 Water Quality Report, please call Denver Water’s Water Quality section at 303-893-2444


    You may view a copy of the 2016 Water Quality Report by clicking here.