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  2. The District has once again received calls from concerned homeowners who have been told their sewer service pipes are deteriorating and are in imminent damage of failure. The situation normally starts with a video (TV) inspection of the homeowner’s sewer pipe by a disreputable contractor. The contractor will locate a minor flaw in the pipe and attempt to convince the homeowner that the condition must be repaired immediately. A recording of the inspection is not provided unless an additional amount is paid. This prevents the homeowner from seeking a second opinion of the extent of the reported damage.


    Some homeowners have been offered a “special” low price for sewer repairs because the contractor is working in the neighborhood. If the owner does not agree to authorize repairs immediately the price will increase significantly. It is very rare that sewer video inspections reveal deficiencies that must be corrected immediately. Unless the homeowner actually views the inspection and is convinced that their pipe is in critical condition, they should take the time to seek a second opinion and obtain alternative bids for repair, if repairs are determined to be necessary.


    Bow Mar urges homeowners to exercise caution and follow a few simple guidelines in dealing with sewer inspection and repair contractors.


               Investigate the company before hiring. Check company references and check with the Better Business Bureau.


               Flush water down your drain so it is as clean as possible prior to conducting a video pipeline inspection.


               Always be present when the video inspection is conducted and obtain the original videotape/DVD or a copy of it.


               If repairs are proposed, bring a copy of the video to the Bow Mar District office. District staff will review the video free of charge and help you make an informed decision on the type of repair you may need.


               If repairs are required, obtain competitive bids for the work needed. Again, it is very rarely necessary to conduct repairs immediately after an inspection.


               If a firm is hired to conduct repairs, make sure it is properly licensed, and has adequate liability and workers’ compensation insurance.


    If you have a concern about advice you are receiving from a sewer inspection and/or repair company, or would like to request that a video be reviewed, please call Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor, at (303) 979-2333.