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    The annual Denver Metro Water Festival was held on May 17 and garnered rave reviews from all 1255 sixth grade students and 50 teachers and chaperones from Denver and suburban public schools who participated in a day centered around water in Colorado. More than 55 presenters and 70 volunteers worked to make this year’s festival a success.


    Festival activities included presentations revolving around the life cycle of water in Colorado from mountain snow to water tap and beyond.


    Presentations that were especially popular with the students, included:


    ·       Wastewater “Jeopardy” – a competition organized by Metropolitan Water and Reclamation District with questions and answers centering around the issue of what happens to water after it leaves the students’ homes.


    ·       Water Wizard - competition that tested the students’ knowledge of water


    ·       Water Court - explained Colorado water laws


    ·       Denver Botanic Gardens – described water efficient landscapes; and


    ·       Water Demonstration Wall – an interactive activity where students rode a bicycle to pump water into a water distribution system, demonstrating the different water pressures necessary to operate a variety of home water devices


    Alyssa Quinn, the District’s Conservation Specialist and core member of the festival organizational team stated that “in spite of fighting rainy weather throughout the day, this year’s festival went off without a hitch.”


    For more information about the Denver Metro Water Festival, please visit the District’s webpage here or you can contact Alyssa Quinn at the District office at 303-979-2333.