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    ‘Tis the season to enjoy excellent holiday food. For homeowners and sewer utilities alike, however, the holiday season can be a troubling time of year.


    Potential trouble with household wastewater systems stems from pouring fat, oil and/or grease down the drain when cooking those holiday meals. Cooking oil is the number one cause of sewer line backups in homes, food service businesses, and public sewer systems. Once the grease cools and settles, it adheres to drains and sewer pipes like glue. As deposits buildup and harden, they can potentially create a serious blockage and cause a costly backup or sewer spill. For the homeowner, grease poured down the drain can result in a serious clog and an expensive repair bill that can spoil holiday festivities.


    As the grease makes its way into the public wastewater collection system, there is trouble for public sewer agencies as well. The grease residue builds-up in the wastewater collection system clogging sewer pipes and damaging equipment.


    Here is a checklist of good practices to avoid spoiling your holiday season:


    ·       NEVER put grease down your sink drain, toilet or garbage disposal!


    ·       NEVER discard oil in storm drains, creeks, or other water bodies.


    ·       Place used grease and cooking oils in a safe container and store it in the refrigerator to solidify. An empty soup can works well for everyday cooking; however for larger holiday meals you may want to save a coffee can to hold the grease. Discard the container in your household garbage the same day.


    ·       Meat fats such as drippings from chicken, turkey and beef, have the same impact on sewer systems as cooking oil. Wipe excess grease from pots, pans, and utensils with a paper towel before washing.



    These simple steps will help you prevent costly sewer back-ups during the holidays.