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  2. Later this summer, Bow Mar Water and Sanitation District will replace all District customers’ water meters with new Sensus Iperl water meters which are equipped with automated meter reading (AMR) technology. These new water meters will provide timely, accurate meter readings that eliminates misreads and increases billing accuracy.

    Below are answers to common questions regarding this project:

    Why is Bow Mar converting its meters to AMR?
    Bow Mar Water and Sanitation District decided to take on this project for several reasons - employee safety, improve meter reading accuracy, and increase efficiency. First, employee safety: District meter readers encounter numerous situations every day in regards to safety, whether it be a dog, a hard to access meter, a heavily traveled street with no place to park, and numerous other situations that prevents meter readers from performing their duty safely. Second, improving accuracy: when the average meter reader is reading several hundred meters a day, mistakes can happen. This can result in a meter reader going back to a residence to re-read the meter. The accuracy gained by using an AMR system can greatly reduce errors, and consequently, reduce the need to re-read meters. Lastly, increase efficiency: AMR improves reading efficiency and greatly reduces the need to estimate meter readings during periods of inclement weather.

    How long will this project take to complete?
    It will take approximately three months to complete barring inclement weather.

    How long does it take to install the new AMR meter?
    Under normal circumstances, residential water meters with AMR take about 30 minutes to install. Some meters will take longer if piping upgrades are required within the meter pit.

    Will there be any interruption to my water service during the meter installation?
    During installation, water to your home will be interrupted for approximately 30 minutes in most cases. However, the District’s sub-contractor and/or operations staff will attempt to contact homeowners prior to installing the new meter. If a homeowner is not present, the subcontractor and/or operations staff will still perform the installation of the meter.

    Do I need to pay to have my meter installed?
    No, District voters approved a ballot proposed in November 2015 providing for Bow Mar to accept a loan from the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Loan proceeds will pay for the AMR project, and the loan will be paid back with District general revenues.

    Will workers need to enter my home in order to install the new meter?
    No. If you ever have any question about the identity of someone who claims to be working on behalf of the District or Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District (Bow Mar’s maintenance contractor), please call the District office at 303-979-2333 immediately and do not allow them access to your home.

    Do I need to be home for this meter change out?

    How do you electronically collect meter readingss?
    The new meter will have an ERT device (Encoder, Receiver, Transmitter) located in the cover at the meter pit that operates under a low-power radio frequency. Once the system is operational, the meter reader just needs to drive down the street and collect meter readings with a handheld computer or a computer that is mounted in the meter reader’s vehicle. Each ERT has it's own identification number so their is no confusion as to which service address belongs to which meter.

    Will I see a change in my service after AMR is installed?
    The only significant change to your utility service will be that once the AMR system is operating, meter readers will not need to visit your property to collect the meter readings. District maintenance personnel may visit the meter periodically to confirm proper operation or perform routine maintenance.

    Do I need to maintain the AMR meters?
    No but care should be taken not to damage the ERT located in the cover of the meter pit. Lawn mowing is the most common occurrence damaging the ERT.

    Community impacts associated with this project are minimal. No construction work or access to private property is required. Residents will notice crews in the roadway and working at meter pits to install the new water meters. There may be a brief interruption of water service (approximately 30 minutes) when the water meter is being replaced.

    This water meter replacement project is a major undertaking and will require a great deal of cooperation between the District, the subcontractor, and our customers. Every effort will be made to minimize any inconvenience to our customers during this period. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Tony Cocozzella at 303-979-2333.

    For more information on the project, project updates and photos please visit the project’s webpage by clicking here.