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  2. A routine activity the District’s operations contractor Platte Canyon personnel performs is removing roots from sanitary sewer mains. While root cutting is scheduled each month, the majority of the root cutting activities take place beginning in October and continues through the end of March each year.


    Roots intrude through the sewer main as well as through customer service connections. If not removed on a scheduled interval, the growth can inhibit flow and cause a sewer back-up either in District owned sewer mains or in a customer’s service line.


    A closed-circuit camera inspects the sewer main to locate where roots are growing into the pipe. Then using high water pressure, a hydraulic tool called a root cutter or chain flailer is sent up the pipe, which cuts or rips the roots out of the sewer main. A follow-up video inspection is performed confirming all roots were satisfactorily removed. In addition, if roots are observed growing into the sewer main from a customer’s service connection a picture is taken and sent to the address alerting the customer of a potential problem (see example letter below).


    Root intrusion is more common in older neighborhoods where vegetation is well established, having a complex root system. Occasionally, roots have been discovered in newer, less established neighborhoods where trees are planted over or adjacent to sewer mains and services.


    If you are interested in learning more regarding District root cutting activities, please contact Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor, at 303-979-2333