District News Articles

  1. 12/15/2020 2021 Budget Now Available
  2. The 2021 Budget for Bow Mar Water and Sanitation District anticipates revenue of $987,578. The largest component of revenue is water sales followed by property taxes, sewer charges, late charges, and interest income.

    Expenditures of $974,657 are budgeted. The largest expenditure category is water purchases followed by construction costs, sewer processing, professional and consulting fees and general operation and management costs.

    The budgetary basis of accounting used for the 2021 budget is the modified accrual basis. Revenue is recognized in the accounting period in which it becomes available and measurable. Expenditures are recognized in the accounting period in which the fund liability is incurred and measurable except for interest on long-term debt, which is recognized when due.

    Services to be delivered by the District in 2021 include providing potable water to approximately 300 households under a master meter contract with the Denver Water Department and transmission of sewage to various treatment facilities for households in the District.

    The complete 2021 Budget can be found on the district website under Financial Information.