Fire Hydrant Fees






Fire Hydrant Use Fees


$100.00 per month per fire hydrant



Damage Deposits


$350.00           per fire hydrant 1, 2


1           The permittee agrees that it shall be responsible for all damage to the fire hydrant(s) and other facilities and equipment of the District occasioned during use by the permittee, its agents and employees.  In the event of any such damage caused by the permittee the fire hydrant deposit shall be forfeited and the permittee shall reimburse the District all necessary and reasonable costs associated with repair of the hydrant.


2           The fire hydrant deposit shall be forfeited if the District issued placard is not returned to the District office within ten (10) business days of expiration of the permit.



Penalty Fees


1st Violation                               $250.00

2nd Violation                              $500.00

3rd Violation                              $750.00

4th Violation                            $1,000.00



Charge for Water


Upon request of a fire hydrant permit, permittee must provide District with an estimated number of 1,000 gallons of water they intend to use.  Permittee will be charged for water accordingly.  If the permittee exceeds the estimated number of 1,000 gallons of water used, permittee will be charged for the extra amount of water used.


Please click here to see the current water usage fee per 1,000 gallons water used.